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Taylor’s sudden realisation that the paparazzi are photographing her while shopping for flowers in NYC, April 23rd. 

taylorswiftWe decided we were dressed like a strait-laced mom and her rebellious teen daughter.#YouDontUnderstandMeMom!!! #StormsOut#ComeBackHere,YoungLady! @therealsarahhyland (x)

April 23rd: Leaving her apartment in NY

therealsarahhylandWhen your mom gives you “the finger”…#donttellmewhattodo @taylorswift (x)

Who's Taylor Swift anyway? Ew.
Anonymous asked:   "Whos your best friend?

image i have a few but this girl «< is so incredibly wonderful. She’s the sweetest, most loving person you could ever meet and she’s the type of person who if you haven’t seen her in awhile, she’ll pick up right back where you left off and she’ll scream at you telling you she loves you in the hallways and give the warmest longest hugs. She’s generous and selfless and always has a smile on her face and is always laughing. She’s gorgeous too and she’ll never treat you like you’re worthless. She’ll always be there when you’re sad or upset and comfort you. I just love her a lot and im so glad to have known her for 5 years. Her name is Gillian and she loves taylor swift too (:

Anonymous asked:   "I'm just here waiting that TS already make a concert in Puerto Rico omg I'm dying waiting.

she’ll come one day, dont give up!